John Denham Poems

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Sarpedon's Speech To Glaucus, In The Twelfth Book Of Homer

Thus to Glaucus spake
Divine Sarpedon, since he did not find
Others, as great in place, as great in mind:--

Cooper's Hill

Sure there are poets which did never dream
Upon Parnassus, nor did taste the stream
Of Helicon; we therefore may suppose

The Passion Of Dido For Aeneas

Having at large declared Jove's embassy,
Cyllenius from Aeneas straight doth fly;
He, loth to disobey the god's command,


Such is our pride, our folly, or our fate,
That few but such as cannot write, translate.
But what in them is want of art or voice,

Of Old Age

Though all the actions of your life are crown'd
With wisdom, nothing makes them more renown'd,

Friendship And Single Life, Against Love And Marriage

Love! in what poison is thy dart
Dipp'd, when it makes a bleeding heart?
None know but they who feel the smart.

Natura Naturata

What gives us that fantastic fit,
That all our judgment and our wit
To vulgar custom we submit?

O Could I Flow

O could I flow like thee, and make thy stream
My great example, as it is my theme!
Though deep, yet clear; though gentle, yet not dull;

Of Justice

'Tis the first sanction Nature gave to man,
Each other to assist in what they can;
Just or unjust, this law for ever stands;

A Second Western Wonder

You heard of that wonder, of the lightning and thunder,
Which made the lie so much the louder:
Now list to another, that miracle's brother,

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