John Leroy Maxwell

Veteran Poet - 1,341 Points (Harrisburg, Pa.)

John Leroy Maxwell Poems

41. Seasons Of Love 3/12/2010
42. Inspirational Thought 3/12/2010
43. Solitary Beauty 3/13/2010
44. Let There Be Light 3/14/2010
45. Thoughts Of Love 3/15/2010
46. Arson On Park Avenue 4/1/2010
47. Phases Of Life 4/2/2010
48. Earthly Trail 4/2/2010
49. You 4/3/2010
50. Composition Of Life 4/4/2010
51. Where Are We 4/4/2010
52. Angelic Healing 4/5/2010
53. Just A Thought 4/6/2010
54. Echo's Of A Dream 1/2/2010
55. It's Not Always Pay Dirt 4/8/2010
56. The Dream 5/19/2010
57. Today 6/3/2010
58. From Roam To Home 6/11/2010
59. Holding On 6/11/2010
60. Let Me Know 6/11/2010
61. Who Am I 6/13/2010
62. Star Bright 6/15/2010
63. Emerging Thoughts 6/15/2010
64. My Room 5/5/2010
65. A Senior Paradise 5/6/2010
66. Little Boys 5/7/2010
67. The Parting 6/22/2010
68. Seasonal Playmates 8/4/2010
69. The Circus 8/26/2010
70. The Symphony Of God 8/29/2010
71. Forgotten Life 9/2/2010
72. Cascading Words 9/10/2010
73. The Verdict 9/27/2010
74. Finale 9/28/2010
75. Snafu 9/29/2010
76. Do You Remember 10/1/2010
77. The Starving Artist For Maxine 11/26/2010
78. S.O.S. 12/3/2010
79. Tragedy Of Honor 12/18/2007
80. Happiness 5/19/2011

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I Cried Today

I cried today, as I touched your face, in memory,
not wanting to waken you in your slumber
I eased out of bed, early, to brew your favorite coffee,
knowing the aroma would awaken you
Together we would sip our brew, and smile,
facing each other with Love
It is Saturday, and the day is ours to enjoy together
As I picked up my favorite book, from the nightstand,
and began to read You caressing my bare chest,
with your hands, I put down the book, and returned
your Love Your vibrant passion was as steamy as
the coffee we sipped, as we lay embraced ...

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The City Eternal

Eternal shall this land be free, from strife, and war to ever be..
A land where each one's hand shall grasp, the Moslem,
Christian, Jew hold fast.. United Nations hold real tight,
to see and do, for all thats right.. Eternal City, shall we say,
for all to see a brighter day.. In Middle East we ask for peace,
and in this way shall bring release.. Too many delve in hate
and shake their fist, this is the way we can't exist..
Not shake the fist; should extend the hand, to make all peopl

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