John Leroy Maxwell Poems

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The Wall Of Tolerance

This is not a perfect world, we see things everyday
That makes us take a second look, or makes us turn away
The heart of man has turned to stone, and compassion is not found
We've taken love and friendship and beat them to the ground

I Cried Today

I cried today, as I touched your face, in memory,
not wanting to waken you in your slumber
I eased out of bed, early, to brew your favorite coffee,
knowing the aroma would awaken you

The Pig And I

How well do I remember, it was just this past December,
I was walking down the street in manly pride
When my heart began to flutter, and I fell into the gutter,
and a pig came up and lay down by my side

Happiness Is Helping Others

Is anybody happier, because you passed this way
Does anyone remember that you spoke to them today
The day is almost over, and it's toiling time is through
Is there anyone to utter now, a kindly word to you

Animal Friends

Walking 'round my yard, I just wanted to see, if any
little friends wanted company..
I saw Mrs. Robin sitting in a tree, guarding her nest,
and her children three..

North Church

A civil war on North Church Road, no wealth to gain, no wealth
bestowed.. For things possess and can not get.. To pass on by
but not forget.. Brother against brother, father against son..
No target hit, no battle won.. Know not the reason this be so..

Chanteuse Of Love

Your subtle and gorgeous sounds, and touching
create exciting moments..
Warm thoughts of your Body and Soul produce a
sense of swing and harmony..

Ballet Of The Rain

It keeps on raining all around, bouncing lightly off the ground..
Just like the Ballet, on tip toe shoe, turning swirling, all nignt thru..
Angelic Angels brightly attired, to be Loved, and be admired..
A touch of Heaven, a caress divine, Angelic Music, soft and fine..

The Frigidaire

Ready for sleep, and lying in my bed.. I heard this music,
spinning 'round in my head.. I wasn't dreaming, I knew it
was there.. And it was coming from my Frigidaire..
As I opened up the door, to my surprise, the Pork Chops

Violet Eyes

She walked erect, and carefully chose,
the stoney path, beneath her toes
Head held high, flaming red hair, loose
flowing gown, and pretentious stare

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