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In Twenty Years

In twenty years, I'll be stark elderly
So far gone, with body shot, mind scratchy
Life reduced to endless replays, rewinds,
Stories everyone's heard a millions times.

Three States Of Water

No Scowl To Howling Wind

Howling wind, calls out sad and longing,
sighing solemnly through the trees.
Not threatening, but showing off its gusts,
warning of gale building up, with storm looming.

Red Herring Scent Awry

To deceive lay a scent so appealing
That it tricks the hounds to stray off target
Leaving the hare saved by hair's breath deflection

Why Does This Candle Flicker?

I light a candle for I love its soft light
But it flickers despite no breeze in night
I like the flicker, but I want it to be happy
To be steady, contented, a friend true and sure.

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