John Updike

(1932-2009 / Pennsylvania)

John Updike Poems

1. Perfection Wasted 3/11/2016
2. Returning Native 10/25/2014
3. Evening Concert, Sainte-Chapelle 3/1/2014
4. Burning Trash 9/6/2014
5. Hoeing 10/25/2014
6. I Missed His Book, But I Read His Name 10/25/2014
7. Pura Vida 10/25/2014
8. Relatives 10/25/2014
9. Back From Vacation 10/25/2014
10. V.B. Nimble, V.B. Quick 10/25/2014
11. Venetian Candy 10/25/2014
12. In Extremis 10/25/2014
13. Tao In The Yankee Stadium Bleachers 10/25/2014
14. Flight To Limbo 9/6/2014
15. Dog's Death 10/25/2014
16. Saying Goodbye To Very Young Children 10/25/2014
17. The Sometime Sportsman Greets The Spring 10/25/2014
18. On The Road 10/25/2014
19. Penumbrae 10/25/2014
20. Planting Trees 10/25/2014
21. Seven Stanzas At Easter 4/6/2015
22. There Was An Old Poop From Poughkeepsie 2/3/2015
23. Solitaire 10/25/2014
24. Ex-Basketball Player 9/6/2014
25. January 11/25/2014

Comments about John Updike

  • Deb B (4/12/2019 8:21:00 AM)

    I was astonished at the computer generated reading. So wooden, pausing in odd places, literally shredding the poem. Please, have no voice at all rather than this!

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  • Frank Avon (10/25/2014 2:12:00 AM)

    I am sorry PH does not have more poems by John Updike. Of course, he is best known for his fiction, especially the Rabbit novels. But he is much neglected as an American poet of the 20th century. From the poems - light and serious - in the little paperback book 'Verse, ' published in the 1960s to the captivating works in 'Midpoint' and 'Endpoint, ' he demonstrates his versatility, his good humor, his mastery of diverse poetic forms, and his recurrent themes and mid-American values. I would like to add several of his poems to myfavoritepoem list, but I can't, for they are not included in the PH collection.

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Best Poem of John Updike

There Was An Old Poop From Poughkeepsie

There was an old poop from Poughkeepsie,
Who tended, at night, to be tipsy.
Said he, ''My last steps
Aren't propelled by just Schweppes! '' -
That peppy old poop from Poughkeepsie.

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Flight To Limbo

The line didn't move, though there were not
many people in it. In a half-hearted light
the lone agent dealt patiently, noiselessly, endlessly
with a large dazed family ranging
from twin toddlers in strollers to an old lady
in a bent wheelchair. Their baggage
was all in cardboard boxes. The plane was delayed,
the rumor went through the line. We shrugged,
in our hopeless overcoats. Aviation

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