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John Hoyer Updike (18 March 1932 – 27 January 2009) was an American novelist, poet, short story writer, art critic, and literary critic.
Updike's most famous work is his Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom series (the novels Rabbit, Run; Rabbit Redux; Rabbit Is Rich; Rabbit At Rest; and the novella "Rabbit Remembered"), which chronicles Rabbit's life over the ...

John Updike Poems


The days are short,
The sun a spark,
Hung thin between
The dark and dark.

Ex-Basketball Player

Pearl Avenue runs past the high-school lot,
Bends with the trolley tracks, and stops, cut off
Before it has a chance to go two blocks,
At Colonel McComsky Plaza. Berth's Garage

On The Road

Those dutiful dogtrots down airport corridors
while gnawing at a Dunkin' Donuts cruller,
those hotel rooms where the TV remote

Planting Trees

Our last connection with the mythic.
My mother remembers the day as a girl
she jumped across a little spruce

Saying Goodbye To Very Young Children

They will not be the same next time. The sayings
so cute, just slightly off, will be corrected.
Their eyes will be more skeptical, plugged in

John Updike Comments

Cannot find John Updike's poem - called (I think) Superman. or Super? ? ?

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Deb B 12 April 2019

I was astonished at the computer generated reading. So wooden, pausing in odd places, literally shredding the poem. Please, have no voice at all rather than this!

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Frank Avon 25 October 2014

I am sorry PH does not have more poems by John Updike. Of course, he is best known for his fiction, especially the Rabbit novels. But he is much neglected as an American poet of the 20th century. From the poems - light and serious - in the little paperback book 'Verse, ' published in the 1960s to the captivating works in 'Midpoint' and 'Endpoint, ' he demonstrates his versatility, his good humor, his mastery of diverse poetic forms, and his recurrent themes and mid-American values. I would like to add several of his poems to myfavoritepoem list, but I can't, for they are not included in the PH collection.

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