john (called jack) wren Poems

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A Rose Now Grows

It's a place where silence
has the loudest voice
from those who lie there
though not by choice

Sweetest of Isles I look at thee
nestled in yonder turbulent sea
shining like diamonds every day
guarding the entrance of the bay

Heart- Beat Of The Earth

Wee sleek thrower of the soil
under the ground you're made to toil
on heaps of earth we see your stamp
on meadow and wood where're you camp

Yellow Pimpernel.

Creeping merrily twix affable leaf
in search of her morning aperitif
this vision with the brightest of eye
smiles as she teases the Sun in the sky.

A Lament From The Cally Lake

Spring has gone with silent tongue
and left her with no doting young
eyes filled with tears are shed
across her face the gently tread

Winter Is Only Teasing

Will you come with me sweet lass
to walk the meadows fair
and catch the laughter of Spring
as it echo's through the air.

Seven Black Spots (The Ladybird)

Take care my friend as you fly along
furnishing flowers with a kiss and a song
searching for nourishment for wee frame
oblivious to the wind and rain

The Last To Fall

A leaf reflects as it descends
from the topmost twig of a tree
of happy moments it has spent
when it was fancy free.

I Wish I Had A Mobile Phone! ! ! ! !

The day looked so promising
but then they always do
the sun was shining brightly
the sky was a stunning blue.

Sacred Yew

Priceless, ageless, sacred yew
with arthritic limbs askew
stretching roots in soil at rest
hallowed ground their just headrest.

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