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A Rose Now Grows

It's a place where silence
has the loudest voice
from those who lie there
though not by choice

Sweetest of Isles I look at thee
nestled in yonder turbulent sea
shining like diamonds every day
guarding the entrance of the bay

Heart- Beat Of The Earth

Wee sleek thrower of the soil
under the ground you're made to toil
on heaps of earth we see your stamp
on meadow and wood where're you camp

A Dessert Of Beauty thrift (Sea Pink Armeria Maritima)

Beside the sea you fill your roll
where the laughter of children
ignites your soul
your clustered heads warm and cosy

Footpad Of The Soil ground Elder (Aegopodium Podagraria)

Most brazen of plants, from the bowels of time
resolved to leave your bounty of grime
how complacent men dread the birth
of this relentless scourge of the earth

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I am 84 and a keen wildlife and nature poet and photographer
I live in Blyth on the North East coast of England
I also spend a lot of my time in Dumfries and Galloway where I lived
for 11 years after I retired from the building industry.
my poetry is quite broad, from birds, flowers, religion to boyhood memories
I also greatly admire the works of ...

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