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An old man from Texas who writes about life, as it is, as it should be, and as it rarely is.
a prolific reader and teller of tales. Poetry, and the writing thereof is one of my greatest pleasures.

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22 December 2020

'Dying ain't much of a! iving, boy.'

30 December 2020

Them that can, do. Them that can't write about it,

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The Best Poem Of John Yaws

A Solid Foundation Of Lies

We built on a solid foundation of lies-
And then it all crumbled, much to our surprise.
I know that I loved you, no doubt you loved me-
But the dreams we were building just never could be.

Like moths to a flame we were drawn by desire-
Like Icaurus' wings we were doomed by the fire.
Regretting the day which first greeted our birth-
In shock and dismay we came crashing to earth.

Our love like the gossamer clouds in the sky-
Brought us such joy, then it caused us to cry...
We stared at the ashes with tears in our eyes...
Doomed by a solid foundation of lies.

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