Johnmark O Okechukwu Poems

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Time And Chance

The cloud moves, the clock tickles
As the day pass by, men sell and buy
So does men's reign pass on;
And the clouds changes but the sky lasts on....

Living Knowledge

The Increament of knowledge makes sorrow
But your knowledge will I follow
It gives peace and sets my heart at ease
Like the air we breath, my fear it'll freeze

My Little Nightingale

I Humble

No one is perfect truly I say
Who understood the past and knows his stay
The future is bright
But never dim your light


Indescribable was the love and communion
Those our moments together were filled with strenghth, hope and
All dreams'alive and my destiny full of life as a canon,
Awaiting her great and colourful coronation


I looked into the affairs of men
And found what beauty is for women
Its in the ingredient in relationship
The sweet-smelling savor of fellowship

Hope In The Dunghill

From the dunghill came power for green life
Out of the rotten punk came power for lead light
The rejected-dejected of men, is perfectly God's delight;
Just as the bottom is the starting point of every great height

Poem: Love Life Ace

Poem so cheap; love so cost
The pain's not cheap; true love gone, lost
The future of a bride the groom don't love;
Is the future of the pride that doom does love

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