Alright Poem by Johnmark O Okechukwu


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Indescribable was the love and communion
Those our moments together were filled with strenghth, hope and
All dreams'alive and my destiny full of life as a canon,
Awaiting her great and colourful coronation
But then...

It was all in the begining of the running year
When I began relating with you like never; it was ecstatic
Your words were my bridge over troubled water;
Your love; took me to an awesome height and I shared it with no other
But just then....

Maybe the lion's bravery was not enough
Maybe his claws were cut off and grips'no more...
He had strayed; lured to destruction by fleshy darts
From this lesson you'd always taught me; to be watchful of other cats
They may not be lion, you'd say
But then....

Your love gave me life;
The life created me platforms and birthed me success, but
How soon have I forgotten the rock from whence I was hewn
Only but tears streams down my eyes now
At the remembrance of your words I disdained
I just can't tell how things all faded..and i'm faded
But unfathomable will it be indeed, when all is alright
I'm yet not finished; but then....

Could a season that ought to be our most intimate, be worst?
Or will the promised Haven be just after the dusk?
Mistakes' been made in several occasion,
And the second occurrence appear like my first indentation
Now; forgiveness seem to be buried in the mire of self condemnation
And morality drowning in the ocean of doubts
As strength give way for fears...but then!

I could see hope in the bush-wick and
An ace from those your irreversible words at the youth week
Tho' i've broken an edge, torn apart a sheath, and triggered the siege;
But my Lord; I can only be for you
And if I be 'Okechukwu', God'sportion by interpretation
Then, I will be alright, yes!
Just then...I'm alright

Thursday, September 15, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,sad
Hazel Durham 03 October 2016

An outpouring of your deepest feelings so beautifully written and expressed with great panache!

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Johnmark O Okechukwu 07 November 2016

Thank you so much ma'am... I am glad you understand and like this piece

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Johnmark O Okechukwu

Johnmark O Okechukwu

Anambra state, Nigeria
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