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A paper poppy lies dead in a puddle,

The Flames of War

In the cool blue morning she woke
She gave the prowling cat a stroke



Stop smiling at me out of your photograph



Cold black lightning reaches upwards to a grey sky



Looking at me from a newspaper page
She stumbles, she's learning to walk


Tangible moment

Blind sunset

New Motorway

Cobweb grass on bare legs stroke
Pounding heart, breath like smoke

A Bad Wish

I found in an arcade a Zoltar machine
The jewels on the turban were aquamirine

The Best Kind Of Rain

The worst rain of all is going to work rain

The Reality Tree

Yesterday the tree, a black skeleton on a grey sky
Everything composed of cut-outs, I don't know why

Tangible moment

Against an old paint chipped railing I rest
A train station, mid-summer, early morning

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I was interested in poetry from an early age but it was clear that I could not earn a living by it. I studied science and mathematics and ended up being involved in electronics, which pays the bills. I have been to Reading university and quite a few smaller places of education. Recently I have been studying on-line and I have found that online courses are very collaborative; sometimes you will find the students can teach the tutors. I like that education can be a two way process.)

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See The Picture, I can't format the poem on this site. Everything defaults to left justification which will not work with this sort of poem.

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Jon Holloway Popularity

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