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This song is Portuguese
and it says:

“There is joy, there is sorrow

Standing here
Our roots entwined
Nourished and nourishing
The seasons pass

Removing the dark
like a blindfold
My eyes are not dazzled
by the light

If you come to see me again
Could I reach out and gently

Finding my keys in my pocket
before going through the door

at the speed
of consciousness
I am starting

The Shadow of your cheekbone
In the Sunlight of my memory
Your Eyes cast inward
Listening to the Truth

Everywhere I go
I am here.
How can I leave you
When there's nowhere to go?

Lying on the Earth
feeling the warmth of the Sun
the clouds come
the seasons change

I have this Longing, he said,
Since I was a child.

She said, For me

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The Portuguese Song

This song is Portuguese
and it says:

“There is joy, there is sorrow
And sometimes they walk
Hand in hand
As you and I
And there is no reason not
To laugh at the sorrow
Or cry from the joy
Because, like us,
They are invited
So let us thank them
For walking with us
On this path we call life
And dance with them
For who knows
What is waiting
For us at the end,
If there is one? ”

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p.a. noushad 20 March 2009

your poems touch my heart

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