Jose Garcia Villa Poems

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God Said, I Made A Man

God said, "I made a man
Out of clay—
But so bright he, he spun
Himself to brightest Day

Emperor's New Sonnet

In My Desire To Be Nude

In my desire to be Nude
I clothed myself in fire: —
Burned down my walls, my roof,
Burned all these down.

Leaned In My Eyes And Loved Me

Leaned in my eyes and loved me.
Leaned in my throat and spoke.
Dared my grovelling bloodscape,
It to a dazzeling diamond made.

It Is What I Never Said

It is what I never said,
What I'll always sing—
It's not found in days,
It's what always begins

Nobody Yet Knows Who I Am

Nobody yet knows who I am,
Nor myself may;
Nor yet what I deal,
Nor yet where I lead.

I Will Break God's Seamless Skull

I will break God's seamless skull,
And I will break His kissless mouth,
O, I'll break out of His faultless shell
And fall me upon Eve's gold mouth.

Between God's Eyelashes I Look At You

Between God's eyelashes I look at you,
Contend with the Lord to love you,
In this house without death I break His skull
I ache, I ache to love you.

When The World Shall Come To Its End

When the world shall come to its end
On the world's last Love I'll stand.
O God will try to push me down but I
With all my force will push Him back.

If My Sun Set In The West

If my sun set in the west
I could not bear it!
And if it rose in the east—
I must annul it!

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