Josephine Preston Peabody Poems

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Cradle Song


Lord Gabriel, wilt thou not rejoice
When at last a little boy's

Spinning In April

Moon in heaven's garden, among the clouds that wander,
Crescent moon so young to see, above the April ways,

The Fir-Tree

The winds have blown more bitter
Each darkening day of fall;
High over all the house-tops
The stars are far and small

The House And The Road

The little Road says, Go,
The little House says, Stay:
And O, it's bonny here at home,
But I must go away.

Men Have Wings At Last

'Wolf, Wolf-stay-at-home,
Prowler, -- scout,
Clanless and castaways,
And ailing with the drought,


Three women crept at break of day
A-grope along the shadowy way
Where Joseph's tomb and garden lay.

Harvest Moon

Over the twilight field,
Over the glimmering field
And bleeding furrows, with their sodden yield
Of sheaves that still did writhe,

The Enchanted Sheepfold

The hills far-off were blue, blue,
   The hills at hand were brown;
And all the herd-bells called to me
   As I came by the down.

The Nightingale Unheard

Yes, Nightingale, through all the summer-time
   We followed on, from moon to golden moon;
   From where Salerno day-dreams in the noon,
And the far rose of Paestum once did climb.

The Cloud

The islands called me far away,
   The valleys called me home.
The rivers with a silver voice
   Drew on my heart to come.