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(to V)

I guess I know why spring makes me sad
I guess I know why I grow a beard every spring

(to C)

Bit by bit I lose you
And every time it brims over,

this grudge is an infatuation,
i am not in love with grudge
it comes as a dark maroon devil
between my lungs - arresting them numb

(to C)

Dear, how long this despair?
This despair that seeps into every bone

(to C)

I did not know, love could be war
I did not know we would have to walk alleys so dark

From the empty room,
Through the silent window curtains,
The evening's light seeps out into the dusk.
And the erhu stops its song.

After a long holiday, you take the train
At five past five.
The green fields turn brown and the sparrows feed
In pairs.


(to V)

A sun will shine softly between the autumn mist
And a pond heron will come for his breakfast fish.

As if the waves will now fill me upto my chin
And the stunned cloud will rain through the last sun
The drizzle has waned the gale in my chest
and you circle my throat my lips and close my eyes..

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There are all kinds of people in this earth. I am also one kind, lol.)

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(to V)

I guess I know why spring makes me sad
I guess I know why I grow a beard every spring
After the showers, the gulmohar* blossoms make my skies red
I guess I know why I stop on my way and smile.

You do not know you are the never ending music of my life
You are the air behind my chattering mind.
Softly at midnight when a slumber tiptoes to my weary eyes
You play the songs of the wind and the pine.

And there you are in sound of the showers, and the new age bands
And when the bus stops over at the empty bus stands,
You know not to stop a quaver rest.
And like the cello in the fog you are,
And like the allegro of the whirling sands,
And in the mellow purple hours of every dawn
You play a hymn with the watchman's errands
And ceaselessly, you play on and on
Just that spring is the plaintive part of the song.

You do not know you still make my moments magical
Still, when I am hurt, I search for your being
Through watery eyes.
Still when it is just me and a marvelous sunset.
Unknowingly, I clasp your hand with my heart.

*gulmohar = Delonix regia

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