Joshua Beckman

(1971 / New Haven, Connecticut)

Best Poem of Joshua Beckman

Leave New York

Leave New York or the poem will kill you
Langston Hughes wrote $ $ $ to be black
and $ $ $ so, soaking soaking
'Sapwood posts are a little bit cheaper'...
'a little bit cheaper' just write it and
come to dinner, don't come to dinner
until you've written your poem 'cheaper
than heartwood I could' 'I could
have bought all the heartwood from the start'
the startling thing is that they send a man off
into the woods with nothing, that a man with everything
sends off into the woods and once there
says, I have made terrible mistakes
with my life, branch redeem ...

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[Dear Angry Mob,]

Dear Angry Mob,

Oak Wood Trail is closed to you. We
feel it unnecessary to defend our position,
for we have always thought of ourselves
(and rightly, I venture) as a haven for
those seeking a quiet and solitary
contemplation. We are truly sorry
for the inconvenience.

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