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collapsed in tears of pain
so lost in heavy confusion
how did things get so messed up
Please help me now is all i can say

broken, the porcelain doll is laying
tossed aside, used and shattered.
her once fair perfect porcelain skin
now cracked and crimson stained

shame I can not hide
ugliness clearly displayed
shattered life never mended
brokenness written upon flesh

i was in tears as i walked away
nothing would ever be the same
heavy words i so longed to say,
- silence - as none could escape.

melancholy music fills the air
as i plan my beautiful escape
finding rest for my wearied soul
tonight i shall dance with my blade

my mind is like a loaded gun
pressure is building, ticking
a final act pushes the limit
breaking me even further down

wishing for just a single moment
maybe i could hold your attention
and share the things on my heart.
would we for a moment disappear?

in the darkness always lurking
hungry for all control, preying
shadows dance across walls
their presence enclose tightly

empty silence surrounds,
hushing all that's around
darkness engulfs the light
creating shadows of shame,

echoing thoughts long to disappear
clock ticking, counting passed time
trapped inside these walls, running
lost and afraid, searching for an exit

the words still linger on my lips
thoughts i still long to depart
slices like a dagger to the heart
quiet wishes of stealing time

gently strumming my guitar
soft music fills the air
quietly humming along
thoughts begin floating

notes floating melodically by
soft hums of eerie lullabies
stir hauntingly in the stale air
somberly carrying memories

a lone unique rose standing
never really fully blooming
but still holding such beauty
many storms came and went

laying at the bottom of a dark abyss
crying out, pleading in desperation
up from these ashes i hope to rise
fighting to emerge from this deep pit

escaping for just a moment
sitting alone with my knife
alluringly it calls out my name
whispering promises of comfort

the night was loud again today
for the girl who couldn't sleep
so she went for a walk outside
all her thoughts dragging along

I'm one mistake from the edge
teetering on the cliff, hanging
testing my balance, life or death
trying to figure out how to live

looking in the mirror its no longer me
just a broken lifeless shell is all i see
wearing the makeup and the right clothes
the fake smile, it all puts on a show

so empty, blank page
waiting to be filled
as it ought to be
putting pen to page

The Best Poem Of Silentpoet Grl

A Cry For Help

collapsed in tears of pain
so lost in heavy confusion
how did things get so messed up
Please help me now is all i can say
God, hear my cries and see my tears
this is not what i wanted
i begged for it to not happen this way
so unsure i am of many things
i am still so young
i just cant handle this
so if you are there
know i am crying out in desperation
Please save me from my pain
but there is just an empty silence all around
Please, i don't want to be lost and so alone
Are you there? Are you even real?
waiting for answers i can only think
maybe i am not worth saving...
or maybe just meant to endure this pain.

Silentpoet Grl Comments

Free Bird 28 October 2011

nice writer.may she write more and of luck..

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Cosmic Dreamer 31 October 2011

Emotions poured out onto the page for us all to bathe our senses with... Wonderfully talented poet... Keep them coming.

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Joshua Hillard 31 October 2011

A truly gifted and outstanding writer, with encouraging words of wisdom and incredible writing talent. Each poem, each individual word touches the heart and soul deeply, which most can relate too.100% amazing, and hope to the Heaven's above you never quit writing, because I personally believe you found that one true calling! Amazing work, absolutely amazing!

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Charles Darkly 19 January 2012

When you read Silentpoet Grl's work you cannot help but feel as if you are there, or experiencing the very thing she is writing about. Very vivid images of sadness and horror, but with shards of hope and a love for life throughout. She is also a very kind and friendly person who has great advice and critiques on your work. Keep writing dearest SPG. :)

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Bulletcookie 2017 20 January 2012

Silentpoet Grl you do strip mine the highs and lows for us. I see years of successful writing for you with greater intensities of life and love. Thanks for your hard work and being a circle of hope and inspiration.

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Paul Rodriguez 18 November 2017

Thinking about you Liz dont know how to contact you. I hope you are well. we use to chat on yahoo Art was my nickname lol

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Joshua Hillard 09 February 2016

I hope all is well for you Liz, your writing is beautiful, I hope it only continues to take you so far! ! The world is yours, you understand it more than most, and with that power, you can change so much. Truly one of the greatest inspirations! I really do hope I see so much more, never give up, because it's you who kept me going!

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Donnie Wolff 08 February 2014

Miss you my friend...

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Shahzia Batool 21 August 2012

Silent Poet Girl...The composer of- Completely Broken, Crimson Tears, Blank Page, -and many more poems of gentle as well as dark wonderful at one major feature of her writing style n that is...The Economy Of Expression; the terseness....the liquid flow of thought can never stop, if she doesn't wish so....really a poet with a style! ! !

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Sara Fielder 05 April 2012

Silent poet grl has a unique voice. Her poems are a “bright red scream” of anguish that pour out her soul and question the meaning of love, hate and existence. I recommend that everyone read this first rate poetess.

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