Kumarmani Mahakul Joy Poems

Water Grief Water Joy 2100

When there is no water there is danger
When there is excess water there is danger,
Ranger of forest tells that trees die
Due to wiled fire that spreads,

Lamentable Joy

The grief is gained through mind,
Due to pollution and passion,
Seeing this beautiful nature,
We remember past back once again.

Writing With Great Joy

God has given this creativity,
We are indebted to him sure,
In pure mind we are writing,
We are writing with great joy.

Downloading Joy From You

Having so vast internet
We have connected world
This universe is nice
We have seen space stars.

Night's Dream Of Joy

Night is dreaming to get joy
When light will come soon,
Life will be motivated and
Lie will vanish soon.

Pure Mind Sure Joy

If your mind is very free
From five said vices,
If you are free from lust
And anger and greed,

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