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I've always loved poems; ever since I can remember at least. When I was younger, I was in love with Shel Silverstein's poem books, or anything like them. Now I've found that I'm attracted to poems that stir my emotions. Anything that makes me cry or laugh is a great poem in my opinion.

I began writing poems in 7th grade in English. I eventually ...

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What Is Misfortune?

Misfortune is…
A goal unaccomplished,
A challenge unmet,
A dream never realized.

Do You Doubt?

Do you doubt the radiance of the sun
when it sets behind a mountain?
Do you doubt the beauty of the stars
when they're hidden behind a cloud?

One Word

If I had a word that described you
it would be more beautiful than any yet spoken.
It would fill the hearts of any who heard it
with endless joy and happiness.

The Light At The End

She is standing at the mouth of a tunnel.
Behind her is light and comfort
Before her is darkness and uncertainty.
Peering into the gloom gives her

We Write On

We've been scolded, scorned, warned,
Yet, still, we write on.

We've been beaten, whipped, tortured,

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