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Hello, My Name Is Julie And Welcome To The Nuthouse!

Eyes of green,
the day you shook my hand.
The look was serene,
with a touch of a prince from my dreamland.

The Failed Suicide Attempt

Whiskey was in my veins,
the night the blade imbedded deep.

The Staples closed the slain,


Prime: is the role to his daughter,
for, he was the first man in sight.
No other will compare to what he taught her,
imbedded in her soul as her search takes flight.

Language Of The Heart

I am not crying
I just can not breathe.
If I could I would tell you.

A Brothers Cry

I am here for you brother,
Holding the pain of our sister and Mother.
The rain on the canvas washed away color,
with proof of the fiction masked by another.

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I am the youngest of 5 kids. The only girl. My father took me aside when I was 10, and said 'Julie, out of all the kids, you scare me the most. You are unpredictable and too independant. I am afraid you will be the runner.'
He was right, I did run.... What a confused little know it all I was to think that I could defend myself.... Instead of dying ...

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