Bernard F. Asuncion July Poems

Twenty-Second Of July

J-uly twenty-second
O-pens the day with light;
S-hadows have vanished,
E-arly morn sets things aright.

On The Twenty-Seventh Of July

On the twenty-seventh of July,
In the world war year nineteen fourteen;
The true Church Of Christ in these last days
Emerged with colors red, white, and green.

Twenty-Seventh Day Of July

Twenty-seventh day of July,
One hundred and four years ago;
The bird of prey from the far east
Made men open their mind and know.

Sweet Flower In July

S-weet flower in July
A-ttracts butterflies and bees;
R-ed roses in the garden
A-re now blooming to please.

N-ation builder as he was
E-lected first South African president;
L-ong walk to freedom he wrote,
S-truggling against apartheid movement.

July Twenty-Seven

It was in nineteen fourteen,
That the Church Of Christ was built;
God's power and might had been
Nicely and notably felt.

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