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1. Dying As Of Self-Slaughter 2/6/2014
2. I'Ve Got A War In My Mind 2/6/2014
3. Seasonal Feelings 2/6/2014
4. I Froze The Memory 2/6/2014
5. To Be 2/6/2014
6. Lead Stomach 2/6/2014
7. Crayon Art 2/6/2014
8. That Bird Of Hope 2/6/2014
9. Acid For Blood 2/6/2014
10. Archilochos 2/6/2014
11. Dry 2/6/2014
12. Patience 2/6/2014
13. Free At Last 2/6/2014
14. Anniversary 2/6/2014
15. Time From My Pocket 2/6/2014
16. Like A Fish 2/6/2014
17. The Golden Summer 2/6/2014
18. Psychosomatic Itch 2/6/2014

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Psychosomatic Itch

Neurons flicker like fireflies for
the lithium lickers downstairs, but
I don't know if that's quite right.
Gold dust liquor triggers
my allergies and tickles my throat like
dander and feathers, but the Heathers
still have their moat-and I get no gander.
I cast out my fishing pole lines,
Hook and sinker stuck in the thinker.
Not a bite to be gotten, not a fish in sight.
Just sticks and stones like water
under the bridge with bones in the
concrete blocks. But we've all seen how the
knoll takes a toll on the brain, and there's
a lot more sense in trying,...

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Lead Stomach

Amazing, how ants know
Exactly where to bite,
Inflicting enough pain
To make me forget.

Just for a moment,
I forgot it all, the morning
Couch. The illusion. You.

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