A Lesbian In A Girls Hostel Poem by Jyotishman Debnath

A Lesbian In A Girls Hostel

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I) I have always been fascinated by the word antonym
whatever befalls me
I m just a mute spectator
say I'm walking up the hill
and my feet are bleeding
or say I m sleeping in a bed of expensive mehgony
two different work
and I can use the word antonym for each other

II) hope is the opium for men
it's like finding the meaning of montale's 'I'
I and the duplicates
I and the web of illusion
I and the serpent and a mere rope

III) self abuse often gives pleasure
the way of sponging the ache of heartbeats
with a thorn piercing the cut of the body
the reddish than the red wounds
like masturbating and abusing the self day and night
vini vidi vici but I add I get defeat too

IV) why rainbow has seven colors?
why a crow is black
and a circle round?
there are some jokes
of course not laughable
the existence
is the biggest joke of mankind
walk into a circle
you will find there is no beginning no end
everything is relative
likewise there is no difference between me and a pig!

V) when the unruly thoughts intrudes in my mind
like a lesbian in a girls hostel
sometime thoughts become unnaturally pregnent
a hanging midnight and pregnent thoughts!
ah! it's a relief to be a poet!

VI) sometimes I fear my shadow
like surrealist I can't say this shadow is mine
or I the shadow
life is a long death
life is a long death
and my shadow often plays hide and seek with me!

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