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I lay here smiling
My thoughts on you.
Your smile, always making my heart flutter
The sound of your voice,

There is a journey we all take,
To find who we are, what we will be and more.
The journey is endless, for it follows life
the good times and the bad.

The darkness surrounds us. We are always in its clutches, though we don't always seem to see it.
Many ask, ' What darkness do you speak of? Everyone is always at love like doves',
But I know thats not true.
Darkness is the very air we breath or the very poison we call air.

I look in the mirror
but all i see are imperfections,
not beauty.
So I wear a mask

So cute so loving
You put a smile on our lips.
The way you chase a rolling ball
or just snuggled in a blanketon our laps.

You make my heartbrace
Every touch
Every whisper
Sending me ablaze

There is no where to go
I'm lost in this darkness
that surrounds me
There is no light

My heart has died in my chest
The pain brings me to my knees
My very soul weeps in agony
The world has stopped moving

The ending is coming,
I can feel it in my very soul.
There will be none left,
We will all die


I sit here in the silence
Waiting for a reason to live.
Everything seems so hopeless,
So meaningless.

Just because one has not been in love
Does mean it is not understood
Or yearned for
Stuck in nothing but emotional turmoil.

My world has been so bright
Since u have arrived
So full of laughter and light
From u it has derived

I watch the water
The way it shimmers and sparkles
Reminding me of that summer
The summer you and I were inseperable


I lay here alone
My thoughts on you
And as I think back
I remember seeing you the first time

I once thought of you as my brother
A person i could depend on
Then you left me faster than a bullet
I never said goodbye

Can you see me,
Am I even here,
Do you hear my call,
I'm crying out

I hear his voice in my sleep,
As he calls my name
That voice,
So full of love and longing

No one hears my tears
Nor sees the agony on my face
I'm alone in this dark place

The tears fall swiftly

A tragedy

A tragedy that has my heart slowly dying
As my soul stays crying

A knife
A knife in the heart it feels

Every word you said,

Kai Schultz Biography

Most people think poems should be sad, should rhyme, or even both. They don't. Some are just straight up feeling whether its sad, angry, happy, or even about love and childish dreams. Poems are the person that writes them so respect the person and the poems you read because they are opening up to you in their words.)

The Best Poem Of Kai Schultz

My Sweet Dreams

I lay here smiling
My thoughts on you.
Your smile, always making my heart flutter
The sound of your voice,
Making my body shiver.

I close my eyes,
Your face behind them.
eyes sparkling with childish mirth
Full of fun and laughter
Always making me smile.

My thoughts move to your touch,
Gentle and loving
Always sending my body ablaze
Shivers go down my spine,
Making my heart race.

Here I am,
slowly drifting off to sleep
My thoughts on you,
As you find your way into my dreams
Smiling, I reach for you

As I sleep,
Dreaming of only your arms.

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Deadalus 18 April 2018

hey my discord account got terminated for some reason sorry couldn't find you again

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