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Poems are unique way of expressing things and touching the heart. Wonder the impact these words make and how effortlessly they stirs a heart when they are arranged in a manner which i call poetry. Just have tried to figure out this art with my words here. Hope you like them.

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Please Come Back Home

If you could believe me please
my pain is so pure
Even the thought of hurting you
hurts me several times more.

Life With Purple Shine

I kept running whole life
behind materialistic things
Thought one day will live
large like those kings.

Give Yourself A Race

I tried so hard
Still couldn't win the race.
Though Satisfaction of running
All the way

Charm Of Words

The word of 'please'
and the magic it has
the most difficult task
is what you can cash.

If You Were Me

If 'You' were me
You would have known
why its so difficult to miss you
If 'You' were me

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