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Foolish Dreamer

Am I a fool to be a dreamer?
Am I a fool to make a wish?
Am I a fool to think love can be shown,
with more than just a kiss?

Angels Of Reality

You are the desire that courses through my veins,
Driving my passion, my need for you.
You are the wild horses in my soul, refusing to be reigned,
Running, with the free spirit of the wind.

Ethereal Slumber

A momentary sound,
So lyrical in its passing.
Like the earth sighing
As the amber glow

Harmony Of The Soul

When at night I lie awake,
And sleep evades my mind.
I take a walk through fields of gold
With you, therein I find,

One Heart One Soul

Out across the ocean,
In a land so far away,
Lived a sad and lonely Prince,
Who looked for love each day.

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I began writing in 2001 as an emotional release. I now take care of two disabled family members which is, in itself, emotionally draining, sometimes it hard to find inspiration.

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