Karin Elizabeth Martin Poems

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My Fathers Eyes

I remember very little, of when I was young,
I recall even less, of a special someone, who I am told,
was so proud of me and so boastful, 'I had his eyes'...
I was born, on a first Spring day, I was his 4th, but he could not stay.

Missing You

Hello old friend, old lover, old memories
I think of you quite often, sometimes when I dream,
I remember how you taught me what you knew of love and means.
I spent my early teenage years, and gave my heart to you, yes dear


I woke this morning dreaming
threads of slumber in my head
I rolled over for some reason
the stirring cleared my head

The Past Remains

I came upon, a long lost thing,
forlorn as it was, it had beauty to me,
withered and bruised, it lay among,
the shredded remains, of an old love song

Long Nights

It is so dark, so cold, so still,
I walk along, all else is still
I come here often, never in the day
to watch and keep

Desperately Seeking Michael

For so long now, I cease to count,
the days and nights spent
seeking you out.
You are foreign, but not faceless,


I thought I knew it all
When I was just a kid
I listened with prejudice
Agreed with nods

Happy Anniversary

Once there was a girl
She did sure rule the world
While growing up she wandered far
She thought she new her destiny


Smell the air, breath the brisk chill
Mornings are memories of school
Waiting for buses
Maybe taking off the jacket

The Birthday Candle

Good morning early birds
Singing in the darkness
I cannot see you but I can hear your songs
Bringing back thoughts and memories

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