Karin Elizabeth Martin

Rookie - 308 Points (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)

Karin Elizabeth Martin Poems

1. What May Become 3/30/2008
2. Memories Shared Of Her Father To One Without A Memory Of Her Own 4/21/2008
3. On Being A Mother 5/11/2008
4. Sometimes 6/24/2010
5. There You Were 8/22/2010
6. Getting Back To Zero 10/6/2010
7. Second Hand 10/14/2010
8. Life Unexpected 5/1/2011
9. Summer Shadows 6/27/2011
10. My Turn, My Peace 1/10/2012
11. Where Am I Now 5/3/2012
12. Wishing For Yesterday 11/5/2012
13. Daughter My Teacher 2/1/2013
14. Petunia 8/11/2013
15. Mother 9/11/2013
16. It's Snowing For Our Mom 1/4/2014
17. Mom 4/3/2014
18. Summer Time 2/22/2015
19. If You Still Have A Mother 5/1/2015
20. Happy Fathers Day Mom 6/21/2015
21. Chasing Angels 6/29/2015
22. Sideways Sunrise 7/2/2015
23. Looking Thru The Mirror 6/4/2017
24. I Hear A Voice 8/19/2008
25. Cross Roads 6/11/2010
26. I Love You But I Can'T Love Myself 8/18/2013
27. Sunday Mother Sunday 5/8/2011
28. Moving On 8/4/2008
29. Happy Anniversary 6/11/2017
30. Autumn -new- 9/11/2017
31. The Birthday Candle 5/1/2015
32. The Past Remains 4/22/2007
33. Long Nights 3/16/2008
34. Desperately Seeking Michael 3/17/2008
35. Gone 6/19/2010
36. Missing You 3/17/2008
37. My Fathers Eyes 4/25/2008
Best Poem of Karin Elizabeth Martin

My Fathers Eyes

I remember very little, of when I was young,
I recall even less, of a special someone, who I am told,
was so proud of me and so boastful, 'I had his eyes'...
I was born, on a first Spring day, I was his 4th, but he could not stay.
He was a soldier, Brave and Strong, he went away, to Vietnam.
I was said to be, the accidental one, that now keeps my aging mother,
young and strong.
My Father was an ARMY man, he wore black boots, and camo pants.
I remember a chair, in the living room, a christmas tree and a bouncing knee. I held a reindeer, in my small grip, his name was...

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Missing You

Hello old friend, old lover, old memories
I think of you quite often, sometimes when I dream,
I remember how you taught me what you knew of love and means.
I spent my early teenage years, and gave my heart to you, yes dear
7 years I spent with you, you gave me 2 beautiful children, you were never near.
The age between us seemed allright,12 years older,12 years brighter,
I learned alot from you back then, I still remember your quirks and grins.
Alcohol got in the way, I tried to help. I

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