Desperately Seeking Michael Poem by Karin Elizabeth Martin

Desperately Seeking Michael

Rating: 4.6

For so long now, I cease to count,
the days and nights spent
seeking you out.
You are foreign, but not faceless,
you are a stranger
not nameless.
I have dreamt of you holding me,
tight in your arms,
I recall blue eyes and tenderness
and being kept warm.
Always safe and so satisfied
as I lay by your side,
you have brought me much gladness
but sorrow beside.
You see, I don't know you
We may have never met,
yet your face and your name
I cannot forget.
Each time I hear 'Mike'
utterered aloud, or even introduced to one
with your name in a crowd.
I stare and I listen, ever intent
are you the man, for whom I was meant.
I see your brown hair, and rugged good looks,
I can close my eyes, and configure your stare,
I have looked and I've searched
but can't find you anywhere.
Please hear me calling, dear lover and friend.
I've missed you so badly,
my mission must end.
If you are out there, and you dream of me,
come out of hiding, and speak your name,
Michael... to me.....

Rani Turton 20 April 2008

The love and longing are expressed with sincerity so the emotion is tangible. Hope Michael responds fast. Thanks for the poem.

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Vallerie Lobell 17 March 2008

really enjoyed this poem Karin....kinda calling on a Clint for myself....really good wishes...Vallerie

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Howard Johnson 17 March 2008

I am not sure why the mean spirited low score, The title accuratly describes what the reader is going to encounter, Excellent word flow, Karin.Thank you for letting me read Howard

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