Missing You Poem by Karin Elizabeth Martin

Missing You

Rating: 4.8

Hello old friend, old lover, old memories
I think of you quite often, sometimes when I dream,
I remember how you taught me what you knew of love and means.
I spent my early teenage years, and gave my heart to you, yes dear
7 years I spent with you, you gave me 2 beautiful children, you were never near.
The age between us seemed allright,12 years older,12 years brighter,
I learned alot from you back then, I still remember your quirks and grins.
Alcohol got in the way, I tried to help. I tried to stay. I begged for you to see my plight, I sought help, and tried to fight.
You left me on a summer day,2 small children, me a babe,
At 17 I married you, thought I knew it all, but had no clue.
15 years passed by and sped, I never heard from you, no words said,
I raised our children, as I knew best, at 24, it was a test.
Then one bright lit summer day, our daughter married and was on her way, to places that we each had dreamed, a law man called, and asked my name. I knew right then, I would never know, what could have been, had you not let go.
I visit you from time to time. I brought you home, and made a shrine.
I cry so hard, when I lay a blossom on your grave, Oh David, I am so sorry that I never forgave. I am alright now, with you at rest. Every day remains a test. I hope that someone up above, you can see, what we did in love. I am not angry anymore, just missing you, and hoped for so much more. If you suffered in silence all those years, never calling, never here. I realize now what I knew not then, you were not trying to hurt me, it was the only way you knew to make ammends.
I will say a wish on a star tonight, that you may know a candle will always burn bright, please forgive me, first true love, I was young and naive, and knew not how to love.
I miss you so, our anniversary approaches. I will leave a rose upon your grassy knoll, please know David, I loved you so.

Chinedu Dike 22 February 2015

A well articulated narrative poem penned from the heart. A lovely piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Rani Turton 16 May 2008

This is a passionate homage composed of love, regret, longing and so many emotions...Karin it is very touching. It seems to give a glimpse into your soul. Life provides it's own compensations when there is so much suffering. You have so much love to give around you that your star will surely burn bright. With my love, Rani

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James B. Earley 03 May 2008

This my friend is a painfully...passionate expression of what once was, and what might have been! Peace to you..... Be well!

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Dislocated Heart 21 March 2008

as i read.. and read.. it made me think of old times.. its a wonderful piece.

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Vallerie Lobell 17 March 2008

A beautiful tribute....thanks for sharing...Vallerie

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