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1. Here I Am 12/14/2011
2. Sticks And Stones 12/14/2011
3. A Better Version Of Me 12/20/2011
4. Mirrors 12/20/2011
5. One From My Beau 12/20/2011
6. Fine 12/21/2011
7. What Have I Done? 2/12/2012
8. Am I Enough? 5/17/2012
Best Poem of Karla Glover

Sticks And Stones

People have always told me,
'sticks and stones may break your bones,
But words will never hurt you.'
They were wrong.

You said 'I love you'
'you are perfect'
'I'll never leave, no matter what'

I believed you, then you wanted more
'If you loved me then you'd do this for me.'
'you aren't as perfect as you seem'
'I won't leave, if you do this'

But I have morals,
I'm not as stupid as you took me to be,
I'm not just a stupid freshman girl.

'I never actually loved you'
'You are just a broken piece of crap! '
'Why on Earth would I ...

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