Kathleen Reguindin

A Train Ride - Poem by Kathleen Reguindin

Day in, day out
They go about their business.
The men in blue suits, looking dapper
The women all spruced up and looking fresh.
A group of noisy students get off the escalator
Chatting about nothing, just being hyper.

Waiting impatiently, looking at their watches
They stand around, as time passes
Then through the tunnel, cool air rushes.
People start lining up beyond the yellow strip.
Their expressions saying, ah finally!

Giving way to the commuters coming off the train
This new batch of riders into the TTC cars they march
Laptop in tow, i-phones in hand
Bodies all around, like sardines, they get packed.

The doors slide and close, an announcement goes off.
The train starts on its tracks, I get comfy in my seat
And start to watch people, nothing my eyes will miss.
I turn my head around, looking for a familiar face
I couldn’t help but notice
Strangers all, paying attention to no one.
No eye contact, no smile, all heads bowed down.

Some faces look blank, staring at nothing, no expression
Some sit erect, their faces look stern
I wonder what they’re thinking, what secrets do they keep
Are some of them on the verge of separation or termination?
Work issues, substance abuse, parenting burdens.
Promotions, unemployment, workplace relationships
Some of them look like they never had a good night’s sleep.

Riders engrossed, fingers tapping away.
Ahh, these electronic gadgets our lives have dominated.
What happened to the art of simple communication?
So hooked we are on these electronics
So much so that kid obesity has risen, no more playing sports.

Across the aisle, I see an old man
Seems to me he is having a heated monologue
It’s too bad I can’t follow as he speaks a foreign language.

Further down, I observe an unkempt woman
Shoes worn, dress in tatters, face so sad
A hard life she must have, what has gone bad?

Before I could think any further
The train stops in its tracks. Oh, this is my stop.
I get off the train and take the escalator up
Onto the city streets to deal with my own issues.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Poem Edited: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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