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The pain is what I feel when I see you.
When I look at your face I just want to slap you.

That's how much pain you made me feel.


10 years old was all it took.
You left no note.
You left us all alone.
You broke everything.


Summer is so nice

It's like the sun is saying hello

What We Are

What are you?
Is the question people ask me, when they see me.

What are you?

End It

At times when i'm all alone, i'm thinking should I end it?
Should I end the days where I " Smile" all day long?

Should I let go of my very own life?

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Hi I love to write poems it just calms me you know, I love put emotions down on a piece of paper. I also write about what's happening in the world and what's happening in my life. But most of these poems are not about me they are mostly about the people around me and what they are going through.To top it all off they are poems that are about serious matters so yeah I hope you like them.

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