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Time For A Lesson

I listened to a stranger,
Still chewing, mulling it over;
In my mind.
Unseen message carrier,

Seven Cents

Seven cents
Strolling along my familiar well known path
with my dogie-friend Violet:
We cross the empty Car wash.border.

Amazement Within

Every human being ever born is a receiver, interpreter and
creator. This is good for you and for me. Good sustains, upholding strength, for Good is the shell of hope. Where does good emanate? It is powerful and God is power.
All humanity is enclosed in the common identity of this wonderful apple of gold, the motivational factor of all life.
We think, make decisions, languish in pain and are thrilled with joy.

The Road

The Road

Fresh intersection, newly paved, smooth,
Hands on wheel of life's progress.

Autumn Mist

autumn mist, cool drops of fine moisture- within mystery's
curtain; natural is this beauty.

Precious charms now here as God brings forth nature's

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Slowly is the right word for my progress so far as a writer. It's been a pleasure and a wonderful therapy of opening my awareness of the world of nature, beauty, emotion and so much more. What a fun past-time!

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