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The Curly roads that lead to the Indrakeeladri hills,
The Mangalagiri temple where the lion god takes away jaggeries,
The Undavalli caves carved by Buddhist monks around 7th century,
Hsuan-tsang once visited this charming place around 639 A.D,

When i spend most of my lifetime thinking about the purpose of life,
I only get to know that we complement someone for eternity,
Sooner or later we only realise we do things which we are forced to, not inclined to,
However there cant ever be again in life, if yes its greed.

Every day i look into the sky
i feel i am missing something very hard in my life
i wipe my tears and am ready to go back
the times we spent together i shall recollect,

it was a very rainy morning under the banyan tree
you were sitting beside me and holding my hand
you told me how you missed me and cried in confinement
we apologized to each other for not meeting each other for a decade

whenever the clock ticks my heart beats in your memories,
to see the splendid face of yours, searching heavens in them,
the glistening eyes of yours with majestic fragrance of desire,
takes me to a world i have never seen, my paradise in ecstacy,

i dont know why you are refusing everything of me
you were my supporting soul and bright lamp
but the tides of time and the quakes of change
has damaged you a lot and you lost yourself that was in me

Everything seems like an illusion in this world,
i hear the cry of many in my life,
every body is busy with their work,
nobody to care the person who needs some care,

Years have passed and it is time i slap back,
Otherway round to you straight it will be,
Understand that anger and aggression is my slave,
Hard enough on your face that you swell to death,

Belated warning to mankind, consumed by lust and riches you are,

Unwholesome desires of yours, has perplexed me but won’t go too far,

Rivers flowing depicting continuity,
Battles fought amidst confusion,
Thoughts running in a split second,
The defining moments of life are one of them.

Every sunrise that goes through the horizon holds those times,
Time stagnating lives and realities broken down to shooting stars,
The way however hard and heartbroken sustains on this very road,
The road back home and days back ages,

Half emotions strive through the corner,
Overshadowing my mind to triumph over,
Never moved by the stones of invasion,
I remember how it all started,

Never Comes Again

Time is galloping, without a stop,
nations fighting without a stop,
generations rising from the deep grounds,
nothing bothers me but your ignorance,

Dry leaves fly amidst the dust, the heat of the summer tempering,
I can only hear the drizz drizz of my feet on this empty road,
Somewhere i stroll with no destiny nearing,
The surrounding brownish yellow skies darkening my pulses,

The colours seem dark in the light,
blindness which swallows images in my sight,
steady confusions under my mind,
no place to rest do i find,

Every day i wake up with a lot of energy,
then get myself prepared for the day's challenge,
i get to see many people like you,
but i turn my head straight and walk,

The sun is burning hot killing my confidence,
i am running a long distance with a sword in hand,
roaring my cry again and again,
loud enough for my enemy to hear it,

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#72, Police Quarters

The Curly roads that lead to the Indrakeeladri hills,
The Mangalagiri temple where the lion god takes away jaggeries,
The Undavalli caves carved by Buddhist monks around 7th century,
Hsuan-tsang once visited this charming place around 639 A.D,
If you still have a doubt better go check it out.
As i look back deep into this heaven of mine,
I can find lot of treasures within this awesome place,
I keep the charm within myself and admire it all the way,
I found my compliment, all that would make me full,
Early morning i stand outside that Tea shop,
Trying to make out what the local newspaper said along,
As they switched on that old transistor,
I Could hear the old 'Chevilo Puvvu' song,
I was a stranger to this heaven,
The first rays of sun hitting my forehead,
My home is away not less than six hundered miles,
But a day off, here i am to take away my belonging,
Something i never want to miss in my life,
As she comes out with a basket of flowers towards the temple,
The gates make a sheejing sound and the sleepy watchman wakes up,
She is surprised & totally shocked to see me here,
Clearly she draws my attention and asks the reason,
Her beauty as in ALL I WANT IS,
Puts me somewhere stranger than this strange place,
I dont have to say her again- that,
but i hold her hands again,
I conquer her and take her home,
As i sit in my car she looks at me and holds my arms tight,
Now that we got along together, nothing to worry,
drizzzzzzzz, drizzzzzzzz, more drizzzzzzzzz,
water and water all over my face,
my friends pouring them all over more and more of it,
it was just a dream,
Oh god damn it..
how can it ever happen,
goodness how can i forget,
she resided in

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