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#72, Police Quarters

The Curly roads that lead to the Indrakeeladri hills,
The Mangalagiri temple where the lion god takes away jaggeries,
The Undavalli caves carved by Buddhist monks around 7th century,
Hsuan-tsang once visited this charming place around 639 A.D,

How Is All Fair In Love And War? ? ? ?

When i spend most of my lifetime thinking about the purpose of life,
I only get to know that we complement someone for eternity,
Sooner or later we only realise we do things which we are forced to, not inclined to,
However there cant ever be again in life, if yes its greed.

When I Think Of You

Every day i look into the sky
i feel i am missing something very hard in my life
i wipe my tears and am ready to go back
the times we spent together i shall recollect,

I Knew It Was Only A Dream

it was a very rainy morning under the banyan tree
you were sitting beside me and holding my hand
you told me how you missed me and cried in confinement
we apologized to each other for not meeting each other for a decade

I Dont Give A Damn To You

Everything seems like an illusion in this world,
i hear the cry of many in my life,
every body is busy with their work,
nobody to care the person who needs some care,

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