Kayla Daley Poems

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I Know Why How

The Fire of Desire
The Warmth of Breath
Very Much of Touch
Can't Miss no Kiss

Moving Day

Books photographs and letters
trash in many tatters
dirty clothes on the floor
No more by my door

The Giver Tanka

the giver
opens the tiny box
a big smile follows
waves of Christmas lights

The Art Of Giving

The art of giving is the truest living
Expecting from one nothing in return
No matter the sacrifice, cost, or significance that is lost
The wise purity of this great action is very easy to discern

I Saw The Fire In His Blue Eyes

Between us was a huge ball of heat
Halfway where my body had decided itself to seat
It was dark except for the red, yellow, blue, and white
Coming from the fire - our light

You Are Not Last On My List

I have a list of people i love
and none of them are last
because that would be extremely rude
it grows as the days become known as past

A Judgement By His Voice

Repentance eludes us all
Because we all keep going back into sin
That we all live in
We are not perfect

Snow Flake

Your love for me was a snowflake
Before I could see it, it melted into nothingness and became liquescence
The cold, tiny drops of water ran like diamonds slipping through my fingertips
I never got to hold it while its beauty was greatest or while it was whole, although every droplet of it fits inside my heart like puzzle pieces

Yin Yang Tattoo Tanka

we watch
a red maple leaf
drifting down...
yin-yang tattoo-

Daytime Shooting Star

daytime shooting star
sharing my company
beneath a tree
his hand brushes mine

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