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The Art Of Giving

The art of giving is the truest living
Expecting from one nothing in return
No matter the sacrifice, cost, or significance that is lost
The wise purity of this great action is very easy to discern

I Know Why How

The Fire of Desire
The Warmth of Breath
Very Much of Touch
Can't Miss no Kiss

Moving Day

Books photographs and letters
trash in many tatters
dirty clothes on the floor
No more by my door

The Giver Tanka

the giver
opens the tiny box
a big smile follows
waves of Christmas lights

I Saw The Fire In His Blue Eyes

Between us was a huge ball of heat
Halfway where my body had decided itself to seat
It was dark except for the red, yellow, blue, and white
Coming from the fire - our light

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All my twenty one YEARS of them have been filled with the love of God, writing, drawing, and reading. These things i eat, sleep, and breathe them. i LOVE people and i mostly am easy to get along with so i like to make people smile it brings me great joy wish every1 the best and God bless i am a ryming machine ha ha jk

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