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1. I'M Sorry Mommy And Daddy 2/23/2007
2. Happened 3/30/2007
3. Now 11/7/2007
4. Past Day 11/7/2007
5. The Rain = You 11/14/2007
6. I Remember 11/27/2007
7. Not Yet Sunkin 1/24/2008
8. They Just Don'T Understand 1/24/2008
9. What Has Happened? 1/24/2008
10. Your The Greater Feeling 1/25/2008
11. Rain 4/2/2008
12. Shooting Me Down 10/22/2008
13. My Past In The Future 11/3/2008
14. The Way I Am 11/4/2008
15. New Grounds 11/12/2008
16. Being Through The Same 11/17/2008
17. Not Afraid 11/17/2008
18. Missing You, But Hurting 11/20/2008
19. The Drinking Game 11/20/2008
20. Hoping On The Second Chance 11/21/2008
21. Coming Out 12/3/2008
22. Love 12/4/2008
23. A World Of Me 12/4/2008
24. Mary Jane 12/5/2008
25. Breaking Free 12/24/2008
26. Waiting 1/16/2009
27. What I'Ll Give You 1/20/2009
28. Things Changin 1/26/2009
29. My Mind? 4/28/2009
30. I Cant Handle This 7/9/2010
31. I Can'T Really Say 3/21/2007
32. Letting My Mind Go 3/21/2007
33. Why? 4/4/2007
34. Heart Gone 5/6/2009
35. Weather 5/28/2009
36. I Gotta Do It 11/14/2008
37. Secretly Hidden 2/23/2007
38. Broken Heart, Broken I, Broken Us 7/4/2010
39. Gone Too Long 4/28/2009
40. I Try Not, I Don'T Want 3/4/2007

Comments about kayla fountain

  • Jessica Arellano Jessica Arellano (2/27/2018 10:25:00 AM)

    Remember to proof read sweetie, it is so important. Proof reading will help your words be more clearer and more people to not only understand but also relate, make them feel your words girl. You are good, keep up the writing.

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  • Jessica Arellano Jessica Arellano (2/27/2018 10:21:00 AM)

    I am just on the second poem I have found of your's and I am loving your writing already! ! ! I hope that I will write just as good, of poems, as you (and other great writers out there) ! ! !

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  • Kate Lucero (9/26/2008 1:08:00 PM)

    what up
    im supposed to leave at least 20 characters
    happy birthday
    love you

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Best Poem of kayla fountain

The Summer Rain

The summer rain comes down my face
I remember every wish till that day
all those wishes were for you
not even one came true

The summer rain cools my words
slows them down enough to think of what to say
my purple lips feel so warm though

In the summer rain
our lips touch
as we stand holding eachother
the rain falls on our faces

The summer rain
I miss so much
it being so beautiful
as the days get nearer
I know
The summer rain is closer

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The accuracy of my heart
The wonder whys and how they all lay out
Tell a story
Of why I dare stay here
Not ready to say goodbye
But sometimes tend to be closer than wanted
We could sit here and act like nothing happened
As I read the expression on your face
I know you know how I feel

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