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Spin chap!
Two sides are a coin.

Before the creditor's

Sleep child, the world is mad.
Sleep and be sane to your heart
the world is mad.
My parting kiss seals my oath, this time

A gathering cloud
thick with desire
is checked by the blaze of the tallying sun.

regal dame!
your mystery; eyes set
in kaleidoscope of some oriental lit
sunlight of love

I'm no parlour soldier
for the umpteenth time
i've slung unto my shoulder
the rounds that notch my clime.

Who dares call you thief
for what is friendly mischief?
Enchanting as hollywood,
who'd mind the hood

I saw a sitting sight
pretty, silvery white
with much bright light
filled with delight.

Little body mighty heart
building barns and building caste
amusement revolts in my heart
at the wake of your


There stood seven planets in solar ring
as pack of cards,
where the gamer's
hands had been, reshuffling.

Often i sleep
with saliva in my mouth
i purse my lip

None is a better
actor than truth.
So though they say
that some ingenuous


Two houses converged on a yellow wood
and there two neighbours stood-
the old occupant, the other just new
of the old yellow wood both took a view.

Oh moon.
oh moon! even with your silvery shoon
you are conceited
anytime i snick enclosed

Silence always plays discord:
the violin player was not heard
when he struck the chord.
He struck it on another's head;

death, you skip not a year
and so you come everytime a man were
older or were to clock a new age.

This motion against time!
And satisfaction the mark;
where i should brim the touchline
concentration eludes the heart, rhythm sidestepping the track

The Best Poem Of Kebe Iwara

Two Sides Are A Coin

Spin chap!
Two sides are a coin.

Before the creditor's
hand or before the thief purloin.

Calm your weeping conscience
up again and stand.

Game! For chap,
two sides are a coin
sin? A subtler assent
makes it light.

Up and down, left and right our silly lives
are minted
but i pray the side
that lie
when i die
be the one sentimented

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