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I was born in Berkley, Calf. but moved to Colorado when I was five. Then my dad found a new job in Kansas, so I went to high school and college in eastern Kansas. After I graduated from Baker University, I got accepted into the MA program in English and Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. I'm living in San Francisco now going to cl ...

Keith Gaboury Poems

A Bullrider’s Wife

Every time the bell rings,
I feel the jolt of his
rag doll body flying
on the fringes between

This Is Just To Say

I have stolen
the rainbow fishes
that were in
the fish tank

Birthday Wish

dandelion fuzz
spikes past
a hummingbird’s
slapshot blurred wings


searches the outline of her shadow
on a sizzling jungle gym blacktop
where a highway friend
zipped in and out of focus

Believe In What You Want

My mother told me to believe in God.
My father told me to believe in whatever I wanted.
My brother told me that it doesn’t matter what
you believe, just as long as you believe in something.

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