A Bullrider’s Wife Poem by Keith Gaboury

A Bullrider’s Wife

Every time the bell rings,
I feel the jolt of his
rag doll body flying
on the fringes between
his eyes, mouth, and lips
becoming a bull’s footprint
or making another buck
to pay for my sonogram
and the baby that will
soon be screaming
under the doctor’s lights.

Every time you come
back alive, I reach out
and touch the holes in
your shirt and the
grease in your hair:
I reach out to know
that everything is real,
that everything is born
again when so much
could have fallen apart
in eleven seconds or less.

Ivan Hobson 07 March 2010

It's a strong poem, but I'm not surprised seeing that I know how good of a writer you are. I can't believe in your bio you says 'you still have a long way to go, ' with your poetry. You don't have a long way to go; you're in the boat with the rest of us, you're vey close. I've always liked your stuff, it reminds me of my stuff; lots of narritive trying to look deeper into something. If you ever feel like you 'have a long way to go' just remember out of about 150 applications they took about 15 people into the MA program. You have a gift for poetry.

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Fred Babbin 28 June 2008

Great poem. You are a poet.

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merc gabriell 31 January 2006

excellently written. the poem brings us to the other side of the bull fence

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Keith Gaboury

Keith Gaboury

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