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In this life like all the rest
I’ll learn my lessons well
By suffering or dominate

I remember she noticed
How I looked at my date,
“They are in love, ”
She said,

The caterpillar’s suctioned feet keep him on a twig
If one should slip, the other feet, hanging there with him
But mossy river rocks I walk are slicker than the dew
If one foot, should come undone, the twig is under too

Cloudy skies close around you
On just a winter day
And the weight seems too heavy
To carry all the way

I’ve always liked a Weeping Willow
Her hanging skirt enshrouded me
I’d pull the leaves along the bark
And throw them to the sharks I see

Alas, this body is so weak,
From pushing out the life
Transitioning from form to thread,
Tied to the other side

Oh jealousy- a feather lighter than air
Buoyed high by the breeze
Soar and sway as you slice the sky
And write comments on the clouds

I remember you, curly haired, baby hair
Tee shirt and pull-ups and your sippy cup,
Standing in front of the TV pronouncing 'Bid-bir'
The best you could while I wrestled with Toby

Scissor cut-out camels
Strung wide in caravan
Set against the mountains
Of neatly-piled sand

A semi-opaque translucence
Permits the shadows through
Save for my identity
Inside this cozy room

Long shadowy figures glide slowly over ground
The place called L'mour de mort
Welcomes all around

I lie surpassed by shining endless ocean
Whose fickle emotion unfetters at the shore.
I lie in lull, imperiled by the beauty,
Ravaged by the silence- and yearning essence more.

Earth gets smaller when we leave her
And soon we need to leave her to find another home
We have outgrown this lovely planet
A place where we were tempted, a temporary home

Gray haired man, have you learned your lesson yet?
Your 20/20 vision only works in the past.
So, can you see how the world has changed?
You are bent and stooped and shuffling,

Press firmly on the lever to fill her full of air
My giant, grand cabana is lying everywhere
The yarn is tethered tightly to loops of metal rings
The rings are interwoven with twisted fabric strings

The frolicking of breezy-boy goes dancing by the tulips
He whirls around a girl-go-by and smells of her real essence
He’s freshly from the fields o’ flora, dusted by their parlance
With his hands he spreads their seeds dispersed by clouds of silence

If I could leap one thousand miles,
I’d hold a breath till space came near
Then I would splash and swim to light,
In sparkled night and moonlit glare

Rock solid but only of wood
Firm legs firm, as firm legs should
Burden a beam above the ground
To push and hold the pushing down

I have heard four simple words
'Patience is a virtue'
The wait for you is nothing new
It took so long to find you

I do go about at night
Walking on the wind
Gliding past the earthly rest
Chained to rock and limb

Keith Parsons Biography

I work on a golf course. I love it. It is very peaceful, just what I need after a fun, yet tumultuous life of wives and children. My writing is a way to, after some thought and scrutiny, put feelings into words. After a brief exchange with a stranger or giving advice to my children, I write down later what I should have said then. It is always easier for me to put it on paper. Thanks for reading Keith)

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In this life like all the rest
I’ll learn my lessons well
By suffering or dominate

Lately as I age some more
It occurs to me
The aches and pains that I incur,

I climbed into this body
When still a womb I see
A vessel for the life I lead
So imperfectly

Last, I have lived a lifetime
My spirit soon is free
It’s time to move on to the next
I, immortally

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Ruth Walters 28 April 2009

Hi Keith, I've posted lots more poems...come and take a peep if you fancy. Ruth

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