Kelly Zion

Freshman - 589 Points [Tucalony, Skylarkeet] (11/27/1994)

Kelly Zion Poems

41. Suicide Night 2/17/2015
42. Suicide Valentine 11/10/2014
43. Sweet Pennyroyal Tea 2/26/2015
44. The 27th Stone 4/29/2014
45. The Last Shipment 6/26/2014
46. The Old Man Down The Road 6/4/2013
47. The Third Wall 8/22/2015
48. There Can Be 4/25/2013
49. There, But Nowhere 5/8/2013
50. They Got It Right 5/8/2013
51. Through The Stormy Skies 2/6/2015
52. Time Heals Everything 8/25/2015
53. Tiny Hands 5/22/2014
54. Toad Of My Pocket 9/17/2014
55. Toad, My Eastern American Toad 10/25/2013
56. Topwater Friends 4/19/2013
57. Tragedy Princess 7/26/2015
58. Tragic Endings 6/18/2014
59. Until The Mountains Bleed 5/7/2013
60. Upside-Down Rabbits 5/31/2013
61. Veils Of Gauze 6/23/2014
62. Waiting For An Apology 5/31/2013
63. Wandering 9/6/2013
64. Watermelon Prison 4/25/2013
65. We'Re All Truckers, Baby 11/21/2013
66. 'When All The Music Dies' 8/14/2013
67. Without Promise 7/26/2015
Best Poem of Kelly Zion

Tiny Hands

Tiny hands reaching up
believing with all her little heart.
No one holds her, no one knows
no one sees the loneliness
in those tiny hands.

Take her time, open her eyes
close yours more as she dies
no one tame her, bring her back
put another razor
in those tiny hands

My hands are grown now
way too big for these delicate wrists
I slice them and lean into this;

you'll never have to hold me now
you'll never have to show me how
man of man who brought me down
clean the blood off these tiles
and take back these tiny ...

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Ghost-Town Stalkers

You can feel them riding on your heels
but when you turn around
there's never anyone there.
Ghost-town stalkers.
I live in a ghost town,
everything looks closed-down.
The streets are always ghostly silent,
every house is always quiet,
and the school is boarded up,

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