Kelly Zion Poems

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Tiny Hands

Tiny hands reaching up
believing with all her little heart.
No one holds her, no one knows
no one sees the loneliness

Cowgirl Baby

Baby, you’re my Cowboy Baby,
and Baby, with a silver sword
take your heart and chain it to me
and dub me your cowgirl

Tragic Endings

Feed me catnip, lay on my dragon
throw my troubles down the cliff;
a thousand stories all used up;
highland plights, fairytales, and love

Flower Girl (Blumenmädchen)

The flower girl threw flowers
until her wedding day
that day the only flowers
she threw was the bouquet.

Little Girl On The Beach

A little girl
all alone on the beach
touches the sand
to build a fairytale.

Whenever Then

You are what I'm looking for
Somewhere in these places
Life is what I haven't found
In any of these faces

Enough To Care

Healing time, scarring lives
But then they heal someday?
Losing hope, finding pain
But then it goes away?

Toad Of My Pocket

You ask the truth, 'And how are you? '
you feel my heart, why need you ask?
I tell you what
you tell me nothing

Honey Melon

Baby, be my honey melon,
baby, be my cricket wings,
baby, in the springtime rain
sing me honey melon melodies.

Beneath The Hollow Chestnut Tree

Beneath the hollow chestnut tree
that grows broken heart-shaped leaves
grows the broken stump of a dream,
the broken, broken stump

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