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I was driving away dark clouds
And kept you warm in cold nights
I used to buy you a beer or two
Red wine, cola just for you

Late in the night
Unknown number wakes me up
Late in the night
Text message with my name

You knew my name and I
Told you how my friends call me
How you can call me too

Everyone speaks English; is that true?
I love to speak in English, how about you?
My mum drives like English, my father likes English food,
My sister sings in English, our dog barks the English tune.

My friend don't cry I'll be right here when your tears fall down
My friend don't stand up I'll always wipe your tears away for you
When you're down and the world seems a dangerous place
And your small world is the only shelter for your fears

Afraid to trust
Afraid to commit
Afraid to love
Afraid to fit

Getting to know that man
Realizing we might breathe the same air
Even when I want to run away he
Makes me wanting to care

How do you know
It's time to grow up
How do you start
Without falling apart

I want to travel places I can't afford alive
Sit on the rings of Saturn and walk in the sky
I want to look down on Earth from the space
Go further anytime beyond the first base

I've been a fan since 1995
The greatest fan I could imagine
Almost went to the concert in 1998
But it was cancelled

I’d be an actress if you gave me a talent to play
I’d be a dancer if you put me in the right shoes
I’d be an exhibition if you painted on me
I’d be anything you wanted me to be

You run now across the endless fields of green
With sunshine and a perfect rainbow
With happiness and a true smile on your face

Who are you to give birth to me?
Who are you to list my rights?
Who are you to hit me?
Who are you to make me sleep at nights?


Nothing's really going on in my head
It's empty and I feel like it's time for bed
No deeper thoughts to talk about
'Let's drink! ' I hear someone saying loud


Before I would have unrealistic dreams
Before I would have deep thoughts
Before I would be the most curious
Before I would taste it all

How to tell someone what you feel
Not scare him away
How to tell someone what you think
And do it today

I'm not afraid of night and dark
I'm not afraid of cold
I don't care about rules
Or why is green or blue

I have to be strong now
And change my life
Face the consequences
I didn't want to be his wife

I don't want to wake up every morning
If I have to go back at night
I don't want to forget the truths I've already learnt
Or die and come back only as a half

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All Because Of You

I was driving away dark clouds
And kept you warm in cold nights
I used to buy you a beer or two
Red wine, cola just for you

I carved paper hearts every day
Counted shooting stars on my way
I prayed along to meet you in my dreams
But there we were always in opposite teams

I filmed a movie, jumped from the tree
Broke my leg, you laughed at me
Oh god I loved to watch you sleep
I was in way way too deep

I dyed my hair cause you wanted me to
Whatever you asked… I did it for you
Then you hated the color and I shaved it off
What was that? I used to call it love

I bought a ring, proposed on my knees
I already had names for our four kids
“Oh, NO, god! ! ” she said instead of YES
I shall put the ring away… that was NO, I guess

She’s happy now and I’m all alone
With beer, red wine and a broken bone
Looks like I became a poet too
Thanks! I’m really a mess because of you!

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Dougie Darko 20 January 2012

What a wonderfully talented writer! ! !

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