All Because Of You Poem by Kemi Kemms

All Because Of You

Rating: 4.8

I was driving away dark clouds
And kept you warm in cold nights
I used to buy you a beer or two
Red wine, cola just for you

I carved paper hearts every day
Counted shooting stars on my way
I prayed along to meet you in my dreams
But there we were always in opposite teams

I filmed a movie, jumped from the tree
Broke my leg, you laughed at me
Oh god I loved to watch you sleep
I was in way way too deep

I dyed my hair cause you wanted me to
Whatever you asked… I did it for you
Then you hated the color and I shaved it off
What was that? I used to call it love

I bought a ring, proposed on my knees
I already had names for our four kids
“Oh, NO, god! ! ” she said instead of YES
I shall put the ring away… that was NO, I guess

She’s happy now and I’m all alone
With beer, red wine and a broken bone
Looks like I became a poet too
Thanks! I’m really a mess because of you!


This poem has great flow. The content isnt bad either. I'm a little confused as to why you wrote it in the point of view of a male when you're a female though.

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Kemi Kemms 13 July 2011

Thank you for reading it! Alexis I wrote it through the eyes of someone I've hurt and i wanted to say that I know how he feels. I found it easier to use this poin of view.

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Adeline Foster 16 July 2011

Ah! If so, you were writing in the opposite gender, you did a great job of it. There are no trailers to give you away. Good job. Adeline

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Kemi Kemms 22 July 2011

Thank you Adeline! I am honored to get such a good comment from a poetry professor!

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Khairul Ahsan 16 May 2015

I have just read the first poem you posted here, and loved it. A new style I would say, because I guess you've written the poem from your lover's point of view. I did not understand it though, till I came to the fifth stanza. And The last stanza is superb!

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Dougie Darko 18 January 2012

Good point of view and great write! ! !

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Dougie Darko 18 January 2012

Good point of view and great write! ! !

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Rigzin Namgyal 31 December 2011

..great write...beautifully written..

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Vipins Puthooran 26 December 2011

I like this write! ! A beautiful poem! !

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