Kemi Kemms Poems

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All Because Of You

I was driving away dark clouds
And kept you warm in cold nights
I used to buy you a beer or two
Red wine, cola just for you

We Are Not Just For Bed

Late in the night
Unknown number wakes me up
Late in the night
Text message with my name

I Will Forgive You (But I Won'T Forget)

You knew my name and I
Told you how my friends call me
How you can call me too

Why Would I Learn English?

Everyone speaks English; is that true?
I love to speak in English, how about you?
My mum drives like English, my father likes English food,
My sister sings in English, our dog barks the English tune.

For My Friend

My friend don't cry I'll be right here when your tears fall down
My friend don't stand up I'll always wipe your tears away for you
When you're down and the world seems a dangerous place
And your small world is the only shelter for your fears


Afraid to trust
Afraid to commit
Afraid to love
Afraid to fit

True Love?

Getting to know that man
Realizing we might breathe the same air
Even when I want to run away he
Makes me wanting to care

Times Of One's Life

How do you know
It's time to grow up
How do you start
Without falling apart

When I Die

I want to travel places I can't afford alive
Sit on the rings of Saturn and walk in the sky
I want to look down on Earth from the space
Go further anytime beyond the first base

Alanis Morissette

I've been a fan since 1995
The greatest fan I could imagine
Almost went to the concert in 1998
But it was cancelled

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