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I am me and that is all I can say...A lot of poems are personal but most are 100%fiction...The dark poems are from request of a few readers...Hope everyone enjoys.
GOD bless, Saint.

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Adolf Hitler

He had the dream,
to hear the screams,
of a million aching men.
He sold himself with rhetoric,

Come Close My Love

Come close my love,
to touch your face,
wipe dry your tears for more.
For my flesh burns,


You're pathetically ugly,
thats what they all say.
As they frolic together,
in the summer and play.

Angel Of My Death

Straight long staring into her eyes,
never breathing breath.
Something hidden by disguise,
the angel of my death.

Greatest Poet By The Numbers

The greatest poet to be found,
is by the numbers not just by sound.

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30 November 2014

We set ourselves up for disappointments by having expectations, we never have expectations we shall never be disappointed.

30 November 2014

Truth is just a word that hides within a world that is full of lies...

30 November 2014

Wisdom is a lonely child with none too few to slay...

26 December 2014

When the World gets you down, remember its still underneath your feet.

14 January 2015

War with all its evil schemes can be the biggest act of kindness

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Amber ... 19 September 2008

nice poems.

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