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A poet since a child, Kenneth R. Jenkins has written hundreds of poems over the years.

Published first poem in the 'Westside Weekly' at age 16.

Kenneth R. Jenkins is living in Savannah, Ga. with his wife Vanessa

Kenneth R Jenkins Poems

Being Black In America

Is it enough
To being Black in America
To being in America?
First fired

Freedom Cry

in memory of the children of South Africa


Sunday's Child

Monday's child raised up in the morning
Away to school for another day.
Tuesday child makes ready for another day,
Making the best of what that may come their way.

Black Child

Save the babies
Save them all!
Save them before thy fall,
Keep them in the straight and narrow,

When I Get Old

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Kenneth R Jenkins Quotes

19 September 2019

'Poetry is an expressive form to create and teach as well as learn'

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