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Nature is beautiful
nature is fun
love it or hate it
nature is something to love

School Just School

School we need it
school, friends
school you have teachers
school is great


anger is not love
anger is driking
anger is killing someone
anger one thing never do

What Is Love

love what is it
love know one know
love is something
something but what?

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Mehran 05 July 2019


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a constructive criticizer 18 February 2019

You might want to spell check your poem

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jianbina 27 September 2018

i want to know about kerri king more

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Ayushi Saxena 13 June 2018

Very beautiful poem . truly appreciated

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Abigail Masi 31 January 2008

My comment is that i wonder why you talk about true love and i am in std 4

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